Think of the Ideal Workplace Scenario

People at work connect to one another in one language - sharing ideas, getting work done, and simply, being their professional best

Change the way you speak in everyday life

How you communicate is how you do your work, and relate with your family and friends

Training the management in your office

Management training is vital to the success of your organisation - we work around your learning requirements and time

Engaging workshops for all of your staff

Workshops for English and Communication skills can be a quick refresher or guide to a larger number of staff across a variety of topics

Pick-and-Choose content and create a course

Business English, Presentations, Writing, Everyday English - mix-and-match to form what suits you

Customisable training and schedules

Everything you need from us is centred around you

Welcome to Language Workst

where you acquire language skills that are key to the way you communicate.

We are a language training company offering customised language coaching programmes tuned to your learning needs and objectives. Our courses and workshops for adults are based on the English language, Communication, Sales and Customer Service. Our Business English courses and Business Writing courses are effective for executives across different levels and industries.

You may be surprised to find that learning with us is a far cry from the old school days. We take pride in using a holistic approach to aid in language learning that is centred primarily on the student.

The Ideal Workplace Scenario

Imagine this. You and your colleagues relate to one another in the same language, by international English standards to convey ideas and get messages across in the right manner. You carry a professional image to clients while representing your company, and contribute to exceptional sales and customer satisfaction every day.

A Programme Created for You

We design our programmes to best fit you. Working together to meet your targets, we create a unique programme, and in the course of training, lead your colleagues into reaching those goals. We work carefully with HR managers who engage us for company training and executive coaching for both staff and senior management. We take care of the communication problems you face in exchange for greater efficiency and better relationships at work. Our 2-day Communication Workshops cover Presentations and Public Speaking, Sales and Customer Service, Conversational English, and Business Writing.
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Real Benefits, Long-term Impact

When you invest your time and dollars into a training programme or workshop with us, you are allowing you or your co-workers to be exposed to the desired skill sets needed for the ideal workplace environment. We bring together our dedicated coaches' experience and knowledge into every unique course and workshop, a beginning of the positive change that will take place in the minds and actions of the participants. The benefits of improved communication and efficiency go a long way, adding indispensable value to your company.


Business English

Language Learning for you in the workplace
How would you like to present yourself at work? See yourself communicating in a refreshingly professional manner. Your image; the way you listen, speak, and write embodies you. On a personalised level, we coach managers and executives on the elements of Perfecting Business English, enabling you to further excel with competent communication skills.

Everyday English

Language Coaching for you socially
How can you relate best to people who matter? Get the help you need for Perfecting Conversational English in today's everyday context, for more enriching and rewarding relationships with those around you.

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Our Language Coaches

When learning at Language Workst, we ensure that you are making the most out of your learning experience, by leading you in measured steps to achieve your language proficiency targets. We use an open, optimistic, and professional approach when conducting all classes. You would be engaged, encouraged, and motivated to excel in your language abilities.
With adequate time and hard work, you would see your communication skills rise to the next level.

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