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Changing the way you speak in everyday life

How you communicate is how you work, relate with family and friends, and it's how you live

Training the management in your office

Good communication starts from the top

Engaging workshops for all of your staff

Workshops for English and Communication skills are a quick refresher and morale booster

Pick-and-Choose content and create a course

Business or Everyday English, Presentations, Writing - select your modules as they suit you

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What you need from us is centred around you

Welcome to Language Workst

where you acquire language skills that are key to the way you communicate.

We are a language training company offering customised language coaching programmes tuned to your learning needs and objectives. Our courses and workshops for adults are based on the English language, Communication, and Customer Service. Our ConversationalBusiness English and Writing courses are effective for executives across different levels and industries.

You may be surprised to find that learning with us is a far cry from the old school days. We take pride in using a holistic approach to aid in language learning that is centred primarily on the student.

The Ideal Workplace Scenario

Imagine this. You and your colleagues relate to one another in the same language, by international English standards to convey ideas and get messages across in the right manner. You carry a professional image to clients while representing your company, and contribute to exceptional sales and customer satisfaction every day.

A Programme Created for You

We design our programmes to best fit you. Working together to meet your targets, we create a unique programme, and in the course of training, lead your colleagues into reaching those goals. We work carefully with HR managers who engage us for company training and executive coaching for both staff and senior management. We take care of the communication problems you face in exchange for greater efficiency and better relationships at work. Our 2-day Communication Workshops cover Presentations and Public Speaking, English and Customer Service, Conversational English, and Business Writing.

Please view our Workshop Topics, or engage us to customise a programme just for your company.

Real Benefits, Long-term Impact

When you invest your time and money into a training programme with us, you are allowing you or your co-workers to be exposed to the desired skill sets needed for the ideal workplace environment. We bring together our dedicated coaches' experience and knowledge into every course and workshop, which is a beginning of the positive change that will take place in the minds and actions of the participants. The benefits of improved communication and efficiency go a long way, adding indispensable value to your organisation.


Business English

Language Learning for you in the workplace
How would you like to present yourself at work? See yourself communicating in a refreshingly professional manner. Your image; the way you listen, speak, and write embodies you. On a personalised level, we coach managers and executives on the elements of Perfecting Business English, enabling you to further excel with competent communication skills.

Everyday English

Language Coaching for you socially
How can you relate best to people who matter? Get the help you need for Perfecting Conversational English in today's everyday context, for more enriching and rewarding relationships with those around you.

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Our Language Coaches

When learning at Language Workst, we ensure that you are making the most out of your learning experience, by leading you in measured steps to achieve your language proficiency targets. We use an open, optimistic, and professional approach when conducting all classes. You would be engaged, encouraged, and motivated to excel in your language abilities.
With adequate time and hard work, you would see your communication skills rise to the next level.

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  • Roderick CLYNE

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  • Roderick CLYNE, 63

    Roderick has spent a lifetime in journalism, in his native Scotland and elsewhere in the UK as well as in France, Thailand, and lately Singapore.

    His experience covers magazines, newspapers, television and radio, mainly as an editor concerned with financial coverage. In Singapore he has worked as a copy editor for The Business Times, and for MediaCorp, and he is Asia editor for a British political weekly.

    He passes on some of his accumulated skills in writing and using English he has studied for and been awarded the CELTA qualification in language teaching.

    Since starting teaching, he finds that much the same techniques are employed as in journalism - striving to make complicated matters simple and easy to understand, while seeking to keep everyone interested and engaged.

    Teaching style: well-read, knowledgeable across various topics, journalistic, easy-going, focused on meaning
  • Gary JONES

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  • Gary JONES, 54

    Gary is a native of the UK, and has taught TESOL in the country of his birth and in China, before moving to Singapore to teach in 2011.

    He is a great advocate of the PPP (Presentation, Practice, Production) teaching philosophy as this gives structure to his lessons and helps to guide his students. He also believes in less TTT (teacher talk time) as it encourages his students to practice their English as much as possible.

    He instills confidence and has a relaxed teaching style which helps to build a strong bond between himself and the student(s). He ensures that his students are focused and achieves this through inspirational and motivational teaching.

    As well as holding a TESOL certificate Gary is also qualified to teach Business English and has taught business students from a wide range of countries both in groups and on a one-to- one basis.

    Teaching style: humourous, easy-going, focused on fluency, objective, flexible 
  • Stephanie HEUKER

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  • Stephanie HEUKER, 29

    Stephanie Heuker is originally from Grand Rapids, Ohio, USA. Her background is in Fashion and Marketing.

    After moving to Singapore, she was presented with the opportunity to teach English at a private university in Singapore. After discovering her love for teaching English, she attended International House Bangkok and achieved her CELTA. 

    She has been teaching English since 2011 in China, Thailand, and now Singapore. Stephanie’s style of teaching is enjoyably engaging, and carries enthusiasm. 

    Teaching style: enjoyable, engaging, good pacing, genuine, energetic  
  • Jeffrey SOH

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  • Jeffrey SOH, 67

    Jeffrey graduated with a degree in Business Administration and has had more than twenty years of experience in Sales and Marketing in the local and regional contexts.

    Through these he has built up presentation skills covering a wide range of situations and to a wide diversity of cultures. Having a deep sense of commitment and desire to help others, he decided to pay it forward to society by sharing his knowledge of presentation skills to others. His forte in English has also led him to teach English to students, both local and international.

    A firm believer in professional development and continuous learning, he further equipped himself with ACTA trainer - facilitator certification as well as with the Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers and a Certificate of Educational Studies in Public Speaking from the UK College of Teachers.

    With his varied experience he has also taught Marketing and Customer Service modules to BTEC diploma and higher diploma courses.

    He looks forward to making a difference in other people's life.

    Teaching style: serious, pragmatic, down-to-earth, skilled, mentoring, giving
  • Sharon Fernandez

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  • Sharon Fernandez, 28

    Born and raised in Singapore to a Chinese father and an Indian mother, language appreciation started early for Sharon. She is now fluent in 4 different languages.
    Sharon has 8 years of experience in the healthcare and financial services industry.
    In her role in the financial services industry, she has successfully conducted seminars, coaching women on making a transition from stay-at-home moms to successful entrepreneurs. She has also advised her administration on how best to communicate and manage relationships with shareholders, investors, regulators, employees and the general public. 
    A strong believer in the maxim "it's not what you say, but how you say it", Sharon believes that a confident presenter can achieve more in the workplace and that confidence comes from the mastery of language.
    Teaching style: Refreshing, focused, results-oriented, interactive
  • Petrisha SUN

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  • Petrisha SUN, 33

    Petrisha has a vast experience in the field of communication, language, and marketing. Over the years, she has contributed to corporations such as Mediacorp, Microsoft, Nokia, the WPP Group, and DBS Bank.

    As an avant-garde talent to Language Works, Petrisha is the Principal Consultant, and conducts personalised corporate training and language coaching to students from around the globe.

    In each of her classes, she ensures the students' takeaway is as beneficial as is their learning at full potential. She works efficiently to guide students with pronunciation, word stress, and intonation, neutralising students' accents and moving it towards international standards of English. She enjoys teaching Business English and writing, as it enables executives to progress in their career - and views their growth as her own.

    She is a natural motivator, and her happiness grows out of watching her student's confidence increase, along with the knowledge of how their lives can change with the way they communicate. Her classes are built on student awareness, encouragement, and a whole lot of positivity.

    She has written short stories and poems out of her passion for creation through writing, and she aims to instil in her students the same passion for the English language.

    Petrisha spent a part of her childhood and working life in San Diego, California. Having travelled extensively on business, she returned to work in Singapore in 2007.

    Teaching style: professional, strict with errors, customisable, thought-provoking, challenging

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