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Business English

Language Learning for you in the workplace 
How would you like to present yourself at work? See yourself communicating in a refreshingly professional manner. Your image; the way you listen, speak, and write embodies you. On a personalised level, we coach managers and executives on the elements of Perfecting Business English, enabling you to further excel with competent communication skills.


The Business English GENERAL is a multi-level course, developed with the Financial Times. To facilitate speaking practice, topics are based on great interest for everyone involved in international business, while reflecting the latest trends in the business world with case studies. Whether you are in business or a student of business, this course will greatly improve your ability to communicate in English in a wide range of business situations, and develop the communication skills you need to succeed.

Each course level includes 4 Progress Tests, accompanied with a training report for organisations and a progress review with the coach for individuals.

5 Levels - Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate, Advanced

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*Next course start date: Saturday 12 August, 9:30 to 11:30am* [Intermediate]
Enrolment open for first 3 weeks from start date!

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Private trial class welcome at $120, small group trial class at $78

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The Perfecting Business English CORE course is suitable for managers and executives who need to present themselves effectively. Geared towards well-rounded communication for the workplace, this simple course covers Cultural Diversity and Social Skills, Telephoning, Presentation Skills, Meetings, and Negotiations. Choose the topics relevant to your needs, as they can be taken in any sequence. Go for a 16- session comprehensive course to ensure adequate speaking practice, or a 6 to 7-session Express Course if you are looking to target only Presentation and Meeting skills.

1. Cultural Diversity and Social Skills
2. Telephoning
3. Presentation skills
4. Meetings
5. Negotiations

It is commonplace today for companies to enquire for their managers and staff who are key players to getting the sales pitch in the door. Our Presentations module is as popular as it is effective. Learners hone the necessary skills from the beginnings of self-introduction to more advanced and soft training skills such as portraying confidence and assurance while handling work presentations, along with its glory and difficulties. We ensure the presentations are fine-tuned and perfected from start to finish. From the grammar work, pronunciation, vocabulary and body language used, and the way the slides are being presented to how logical they are, students are in for an insightful and challenging time for positive change!  

*Next course start date: Mon 26 Jun, 6:30 to 8:30pm* 
Please schedule for class observations ahead of time
Private trial class welcome at $128, small group trial at $82

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Focus on Writing

In our sought-after Focus on Business Writing course, we cover the fundamentals and technicalities of business English writing. Learn from basic grammatical structures and work on a sentence level, with writing practice for every grammar unit. You will also be writing based on your case scenarios and line of work in our email writing course.

Our FOW course includes all of the essentials of a traditional Business English text and more: its unique approach enhances its value for students.

1. Students quickly learn that the value of speaking and writing Business English relates to our global marketplace: technology has made the world smaller, and just about every job today includes email writing and speaking to people from diverse cultures.

2. Students use own local language as a springboard to learn Business English, discovering that Business English is the best choice in formal environments with local language remaining valuable in informal ones.

We also take the practical approach of using writing as a tool to have students apply grammar skills: as your grammar skills improve, so do your writing skills. This English writing course provides the tools students need to compete in today’s global job market, and you will find its unique presentation motivating as it leads you to solid skills you can use to enhance your career.

Choose from the 15 or 20-class option for a more comprehensive coverage. 

*Next course start date: Friday 18 August, 6:30 to 8:30pm*
Subsequent classes are on Monday evenings

Please schedule for class observations ahead of time
Private trial class welcome at $128, small group trial at $78

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LW Course Sampler - 5 classes, 5 weeks

Presenting our latest course offering - a sampler of Business and Social English courses! Experience what each one can do for your language needs:

Sampler 1
Business English General, 2 classes
Focus on Writing, 3 classes
Total contact hours: 10 hours 
Course fee: $420 
Start dates: Mon 19 Jun, 10:00am / 6:30pm 
Sat 24 Jun, 9:30am / 3:00pm

Sampler 2
Everyday English, 2 classes 
Business English CORE, Telephoning or Meetings module, 3 classes
Total contact hours: 10 hours 
Course fee: $400
Start dates: Tue 20 Jun, 10:00am / 6:30pm 
Sat 24 Jun, 9:30am / 3:00pm

Presentation Skills Express
Business English CORE, Presentations
module, 5 classes
Total contact hours: 10 hours 
Course fee: $450
Start dates: Wed 21 Jun, 10:00am / 6:30pm
Sat 24 Jun, 9:30am / 3:00pm

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Focus on Pronunciation

Do you have a preference for British, American, or a more neutral accent? Are you looking to sound less Singlish at work for a more professional impression? 
Meet our pronunciation experts at work! We teach using phonetics and phonics, correcting your pronunciation as we go along the way.  

This is a multi-level pronunciation and conversational course conducted by our experienced coaches, using Phonetics as a base. The English pronunciation course provides a systematic practice of English pronunciation, with an emphasis on minimal pairs, through a wide variety of interesting exercises and activities. Each unit offers a comprehensive practice of sounds, with additional work on stress and intonation. Our material makes pronunciation practice light-hearted and accessible. This course will greatly improve your ability to communicate in a wide range of business / everyday situations, and develop the communication skills you need to succeed.  

Please schedule for class observations ahead of time
Private trial class welcome at $126

Focus on Interviews

Are you looking to do your best at the interview of your dream job? Do you need to make that all-important impression stick? 

Our coaches are experts at role plays tuned to the various industries you are looking at entering, going from imparting about body language to how and why you should say certain things that will make you stand out from the crowd and get the job. 

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Everyday English

Language Coaching for you socially
How can you relate best to people who matter? Get the help you need for Perfecting Conversational English in today's everyday context, for more enriching and rewarding relationships with those around you.

Perfecting Conversational English

The Everyday (Social) English course will be useful when you need to keep the conversation going, talk about everyday topics, and better connect with colleagues or new friends in general. Our Everyday English course covers Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills, as well as Grammar, Pronunciation and Vocabulary across six proficiency levels. The content is highly engaging, and students are always encouraged to voice different opinions and ideas.

The difference in the way we run the classes is our focus on pronunciation through awareness, correction, some drilling, and constant feedback during speaking. Our English pronunciation
teaching follows British English and IPA standards, although we can point out varieties from American English and Singlish. 

Each course level includes 4 Progress Tests, accompanied with a training report for organisations and a progress review with the coach for individuals. 

6 levels - Beginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate, Advanced

Make an appointment for a Placement Test and discussion of your learning needs. 


Please schedule for class observations ahead of time
Private trial class welcome at $108


Coffee Chats - Open Sessions

If you are simply looking for a coach to set you on the right direction to holding a good conversation, this open course will suit you.

Set a coffee date with a coach of your choice, and spend an hour or two engaged in a casual, yet thought-provoking and meaningful chat. There are no use of student books in these sessions, but you will be able to talk about everyday topics and current affairs, express yourself freely, and ask and answer questions about what is relevant to you. 

Enjoy learning with a friend, or do it on your own at any time. Meet at a café in town for an out-of-classroom experience, or at our school where we provide gourmet coffee.

Enquire for more details.  

Please schedule for class observations ahead of time
Private trial class welcome at $72

We are 8!

Terms apply:
- Applicable for new private 30-hour course sign-ups billed and paid from 8 June to 8 July 2017
- Not applicable for trial classes and customised corporate courses with less than 50 hours allocated per course
- Payments are to be made in full and up to 2 parts for corporations
- Changes and eligibility are subject to LW's discretion


Business Mandarin

Alongside our general English courses, we have now expanded to offering Mandarin classes for adults by having Mandarin language training and coaching. 

We ensure students who are eager to join our Mandarin classes to be engaged in effective modelling and role play, as well as focus on pronunciation, expressions, idioms, grammar, and the correct use of vocabulary in each Mandarin course.

As a Chinese language school in Singapore, we ensure students who are eager to learn Mandarin are engaged in effective modelling and role play, as well as focus on pronunciation, expressions, idioms, grammar, and the correct use of vocabulary in each Chinese course.
Please click to view a sample of our Business Chinese course agenda.

Pronunciation, Grammar, Presentations, & Writing Experts

We are all here at Language Works! Our coaches are dedicated and experts in different fields. 

Enquire today to find out who is best suited to your learning needs. 

Academic English - IELTS & TOEFL Classes

We give IELTS General or Academic Training to prepare you for the best results.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) may be the only English test a person needs to work or live in English-speaking countries. 

Official Cambridge IELTS preparation provides students with the most comprehensive range of coverage, from exam practice materials, supplementary grammar, vocabulary, to exam advice.

More about our material: 

Skill-building exercises cover all of the question types in the exam for both the General Training and Academic Modules. Research into real IELTS candidates' exam answers - and the mistakes they make, helps you avoid the same ones! Eight official practice tests and a focus on test-taking strategy help you maximise your score. Videos of the Speaking test, and all the listening material, including the tests, can be found alongside our material.

The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Test is also the most widely accepted English-language test in the world, recognised by more than 9,000 colleges, universities, and agencies including those in Australia, Canada, the UK and US.

The Official Guide to the TOEFL Test is the only authentic TOEFL test preparation guide created by ETS, developer of the TOEFL test. 

The course will provde a comprehensive range of tips, practice exercises and skill-building methods to prepare you thoroughly.


Enrichment & Phonics Classes for Kids

Enrichment & Phonics Classes
With our native English teachers, we coach young learners on a private or small group basis, making learning fun and applicable with their friends!

Our creative English writing classes and enrichment cover the fundamentals of phonics sounds, new vocabulary, and grammar rules, instilling structure through practice in reading, listening, speaking, role play, show and tell, presentations, and writing work. Students acquire all the communication and social skills they need to grow up to be confident and outspoken individuals.

- Phonics sounds, new vocabulary, grammar rules
- Instilling structure through practice in reading, listening, speaking, role play, show and tell, presentations, and writing work

Students acquire all the communication and social skills they need to grow up to be confident and outspoken individuals. 

After-school Care, Tutoring & Mentoring 
Need a bit of extra help for your children's homework, assignments and projects from school? We offer dedicated tutoring and mentoring to small student groups after school hours in a safe and conducive environment. We track what your child needs to do, guide them in the process, and show them spontaneous and effective ways of managing their school work as well as help them in preparing for tests and examinations.

We keep the learning fun, real, and the classes very small! 

Enquire to speak with our dedicated expert coaches.

Course Structure & Schedules

  • All courses are completed in 15 to 18 classes in about 4 months when classes are done once a week, in 2 months when done twice a week, and in 8 days when done intensively. Workshops are usually conducted over a few days.
  • For company-based classes, there is the option of private, small group (2 to 5 students), or group classes (6 and above, flat rates apply).
  • For individuals, there is the option of private or small group classes (2 to 5 students) only. We start a private class as quickly as it suits you, and a small group class for students of the same proficiency level and preferred schedule.
  • Our teaching hours are from 10:00am to 8:30pm on weekdays, and from 9:00am to 1:00pm on Saturdays. We do our best to fit to your preferred schedule whenever possible. For optimal effectiveness, the last class should end by 8:30pm on weekdays. Please see our FAQ for more details.
  • To kick-start your learning with us, simply contact us for an appointment at our training centre. You'd need to complete a brief placement test before we can recommend a suitable course or class type for you. You are also welcome to sit in a part of any on-going class at no charge if you schedule one with us. Check our Calendar page for updated class schedules, or fill out the form in the Contact page.

Course Fees

Our course fees are transparent. For company training for any number of colleagues in a group, please contact us for a quote.  

Training Complements

We add valuable training complements to every programme conducted for your organisation. Our progress tests and detailed progress reports, make-up classes, and library materials for reading and listening are essential documentation for management tracking and adds to wholesome learning. A Certificate of Achievement will be presented upon course completion. For a complete list:

►Make-up Classes

►Progress Tests

►Certificates of Achievement

►Training Evaluation Report

►Training Photo Album and Videos

►Language Immersion Programme

►Graded Reader Books and Library Materials Loan



Our 2-day Communication Workshops cover Presentations and Public Speaking, English and Customer Service, Grammar, Pronunciation, and Business Writing. It is possible to combine some of these units to create a workshops that meet the needs of your colleagues. Enquire with us for an example of what we can do for your company.

Communication Training / Workshops

Fierce Conversations, Building Rapport, Winning People, Body Language, Public Speaking: Why Public Speaking?, Know Yourself, Speaking Strategies & Tactics, Who is Listening?, Content Speaks, Writing Out your Speech, The Mechanics, Great Speakers, Introduction to the Art of Communication, Making Real Conversations, Building Rapport & Relationships that You Want, Focusing on Others, A Time for Public Speaking & Presentation!, First Impressions, Meeting at a Party, Lending Ears & Empathy, Vantage of Body Language, Show & Tell, Social Etiquette, on a Dinner Date, Keeping the Conversation Going, Offering Help, Expressing Feelings, Thoughts & Opinions

Sales & Customer Service Training / Workshops

The Rules of English & Job-based Vocabulary, Fundamentals to Sales & Customer Service, A Habit for Good Manners & Presentation, Opening a Sale: Approaching Customers & Saying It Right, Knowing Customer Types, Making a Sale: Creating & Maximising Needs, Satisfying Needs, Closing a Sale: Buying Signals & Body Language, When Things Go Wrong, Excellence in Customer Service, Product & Technical Knowledge, Product Branding, Product Marketing & Selling, Answering the Customer's Questions, Real Conversations, Selling your Ideas, Presentation Skills, Writing to the Top

Customer Service Training / Workshops

Fundamentals of Fantastic Service, Being your Best, Keys to Great Service: The Right Attitude, Knowing Customer Needs, Open Communication, Reaching Agreement, Checking Understanding, Reach & Action!, Dealing with Unhappy Customers

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