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We conduct customised training, full- and part-time courses, and intensive and express workshops in the area of Communication, English, Mandarin, and Customer Service to organisations and individuals, helping create positive change in relationships. Every student is a special being to us, and every learning goal becomes ours too.

To us, communication can be simple, clear, and real.

Language Works was created out of a passion for communicating the way we should.

Our goal and measured success is when you relate to the people you work with, and the people you care about, in the most effective manner.

Language Works has been a partner of the Speak Good English Movement since 2012, raising awareness to the public by holding workshops at libraries. We work with the Children’s Society for public speaking workshops and youth camps. We believe that in giving, we create positive energy that we can pass along to people around us.

Our Teaching Philosophy

When learning at Language Works, we ensure that you are making the most out of your learning experience by leading you in measured steps to achieve your language proficiency targets.

At our first contact, we would like to be open about any existing language problem areas and what you would like to achieve. We take pride in our flexibility for customisation of your courses, for your organisation, or for yourself. When we say we are student-centric, it means we focus primarily on you – our learner – moving the lesson in the way that benefits you. Throughout your course, our principal consultant Petrisha will follow up closely on whether your learning is going in the direction you want.

Our teachers are native speakers in English and Mandarin. We also speak some French and Spanish. Together, we have more than 20 years of teaching experience, with TESOL, CELTA, or CIDTT qualifications. Before assigning any coaches to you, we consider both the specialisation of the coaches and students, and the chemistry for the class dynamics. Our dedication and life experience will add to your learning for Social or Business English contexts.

Exposure, awareness, and practice are our beliefs for what make you improve in the way you communicate. Every class is a journey of progress that leads you to your language goals. We advocate time-based and effective learning and less of express or crash course versions of learning.

In our high-quality classes, pronunciation practice carries a rather major emphasis, as this is one of the first things your listeners hear when you communicate in any language, not only in English. Whether or not you know phonetics, we guide you in achieving the international standards of pronunciation. We emphasise the Teacher Talking Time (TTT) to our teachers, although dependent on the proficiency levels of the classes, to give students at least half the speaking time, to 70% for the student, and 30% for the teacher. We encourage fluency and confidence in our students, while balancing grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and common expressions used. In Petrisha’s classes, her listening skills for teaching have been proven both impressive and effective. She is likely going to point out what native speakers of English do and do not say in different situations, adding more learning to what is not in the books.

As for translation in Beginner classes, we may use your native tongue at times for the sake of accuracy in understanding meaning and for efficiency purposes. This is done usually just in Beginner classes, and avoided as you progress through the levels up to Advanced classes. It is not necessary to do all the levels in a course to master perfection, and this is mainly dependent on your level of confidence, and how far you want to take your learning.

We use an open, optimistic, and professional approach when conducting all classes. You will be engaged, encouraged, and motivated to excel in your language abilities. With adequate time and hard work, you will see your communication skills rise to the next level, and gain confidence that will aid in your career path.

Why Learn with Us

  • As your boutique school, we clearly don’t cater to the mass. We are student-centric, working by design, using an open and professional approach, applying our unique teaching philosophy and methodology.
  • For 10 years, we have trained management staff across various business sectors. Our delightful students range from C-suite executives to managers, and through our master classes, lead them to greater heights and successful career paths.
  • Small groups for individuals are only meant for 2 to 5 participants, not more. We love our students and see their growth as ours. Every one deserves the attention they need, even in a small group class!

Come and Meet With Us

Petrisha our Principal Consultant or one of our native coaches we will be happy to show you our various courses and discuss your learning needs, assess and recommend a course and level that will be best suited to you.

Please make an appointment before meeting us.

For company training options for group classes, we would love to be able to meet at your office.

“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.” Frank Smith

Teaching Enquiries

We are always on the lookout for good teachers!

  • Experienced and certified native Language Coaches for English, Mandarin, and Spanish
  • British teachers are welcome


  • Experience in teaching language to adult learners
  • Consistent and professional attitude
  • Teacher-trained (CELTA, TESOL)
  • Happy to comply to certain lesson plans and structural teaching

These positions are only open to PRs, DP holders, and Singaporeans (with neutral accents).

Please send enquiries or detailed CV to

Our Language Coaches

When learning at Language Works, we ensure that you are making the most out of your learning experience, by leading you in measured steps to achieve your language proficiency targets. We use an open, optimistic, and professional approach when conducting all our English and Mandarin courses in Singapore. You will be engaged, encouraged, and motivated to excel in your language abilities. With adequate time and hard work, you would see your communication skills rise to the next level.

Petrisha SUN, 38

Roderick CLYNE



Ruairi GOGAN


About the founder

Petrisha Sun, a native of Singapore, spent a part of her childhood and working life in San Diego, California. She began her professional career with experience in Events, Advertising & Promotions, Communications, and Marketing, and received a part of her early training in Helsinki and Beijing. Having decided to pursue her calling as an English language trainer and corporate coach, she devoted many hours to learning and teaching of students from all walks of life. When asked what does she do, she usually replies with gusto, “I teach English.”

She has had the privilege to personally coach and work with top-level, multi-cultural executives across many industries such as banking, technology, pharmaceutical, and education. Many of these organisations have come back over the years to further hone their management and staff’s communication and language skills, which she artfully works to bring out visible results.

Petrisha’s love for the English, Mandarin, and Spanish language is what drives her to always learn and understand the complexities of different cultures and languages. She is an advocate of British English, has a keen sense of hearing, and enjoys picking out accents and learning about them wherever she goes.

The past 10 years have been a creative and satisfying time for Petrisha and the dedicated LW teaching team, working together to continuously build Language Works to the boutique language coaching company it is today, creating positive change in relationships for executive students from all over the world.