Our courses are offered in two main categories – Everyday English and Business English. Under Business English, we offer the Business EN General, CORE, and Writing.

Our 2-day Communication Workshops are conducted for companies, covering a variety of customised topics.

The Business EN General is centred on conversations for the workplace (from careers to marketing), whereas Everyday English on daily conversations (from cuisines to travelling). These are speaking classes, and the language components of listening, speaking, reading, and writing are the same.

Private courses consist of 15 classes (30 hours of 1:1 coaching)
Small group courses 16 to 20 classes (32 to 40 hours of coaching depending on which course)
Both with the possibility to add extra classes.

Each course is at a minimum of 30 hours, depending on the class type you choose (private, small group, or group classes for companies).

  • Private classes: 30 coaching hours (2 hours per class)
  • Small group classes: 36 to 40 coaching hours (2 hours per class)
  • Group classes: Open coaching hours

Classes can be done once or twice a week, or every day.

We also have open classes whereby students commit to every 5 classes each time.

Yes, as there are always different needs and wants for the individual. Pick-and-choose the courses that you want to do. They can be done concurrently or one after another. Students have done the Everyday English and Business English CORE courses together, as what seems to be the most popular match.

Yes, we provide intensive learning whereby private classes are conducted on a daily basis, up to 3 classes / 6 hours of private study a day.

Yes, simply attend the first class with the coach of your choice before deciding if you will continue the rest of the course. Charges are just for the one class.

Yes, this is possible. We welcome any feasible customisation you might require even after a few classes have been taught.

We also welcome your honest feedback about your classes at any time throughout your course.

We do not provide student visas or letters of invitation as our students are usually already living or working in Singapore. However, you could study with us intensively on a tourist visa. A course can be completed in just 8 days through intensive coaching.

Yes, Certificates of Achievement with the course(s) and number of hours completed will be presented to students at the end of the course.

For full payments, the deadline for your course completion is 12 months from the date you started your first class.
For part payment arrangements, classes must be completed within 3 months of the last billing. With a valid reason, classes may also be transferred to other students before this time.

Group Classes

We start group classes as soon as there are two or three students who fit the following criteria:
• Same course (Business EN GENERAL / CORE / Focus on Writing / Everyday EN)
• Same level (6 levels from Beginners to Advanced)
• Same frequency and schedule (Once or twice-weekly, in the mornings, afternoons, evenings, or on Saturdays)

To facilitate faster formation of classes, it is possible for just 2 colleagues or friends to form a small group class.

There is no fixed timeframe, but we do our best to form them quickly.


Our experienced coaches are from Singapore, the UK, and the US. Please refer to our coaches’ bio.

Our local coaches are effectively bilingual (English, Mandarin, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese). Please refer to our Teaching Philosophy for more details (link).

In the course of your study, you might have one or two coaches allocated to you (sometimes depending on the overall class schedules). This way, you learn from the best of both worlds, as coaches with different key competencies could attend to your learning needs.


Our teaching hours are from 10:00am to 8:30pm on weekdays, and from 9:30am to 2:00pm on Saturdays. We do our best to fit to your preferred schedule whenever possible. For mental effectiveness, the last class should end by 8:30pm on weekdays. If you are looking at a private class for example, it should start at 6:30pm.

Our executive students usually get special time off from their management in order to attend classes earlier in the day, during working hours (early mornings, during lunch breaks, or late afternoons are common time slots).

Our teaching hours are from 10:00am to 8:30pm on weekdays, and from 9:00am to 1:00pm on Saturdays. There is a Sunday coaching fee for Sundays if the coach is also available.

Yes, we do have new start dates for different courses every month. Please check our Calendar for dates, or enquire with us if you would like us to start a class just for your company or group.

On-Location Classes

Yes, we go to your office or home as long as there is a conducive environment for learning. Location and exclusivity charges apply from $30 per hour for classes that end before 5pm on weekdays, for locations near Chinatown.


We have many executive students who travel frequently. A 24-hour notice will be required for class postponements. However, for group classes it’s best to inform us as soon as you know, so the other students can decide to go ahead or postpone the class altogether. In this case, we go with the consensus of the majority. Students who need to travel often are best suited for private classes where they can be postponed quite easily. Please note that students who do a no-show or arrive late will have their classes / time forfeited, as stated in our student’s contract.

For private class students, postponements can be arranged at any time with a minimum notice period of 24 hours. Small group class students will be able to do their make-up classes with the next batch of students whenever possible. However, it’s best to attend all your classes to avoid missing what you would have learnt with your current group. Group class students from companies will have one make-up class for every course (for at least 3 students), held at our centre. Group class students can also join other small group classes based on invitation by the coach. Additional make-up classes will be charged normally.

On-Location Classes

Yes, we go to your office or home as long as there is a conducive environment for learning. Location and exclusivity charges apply from $30 per hour for classes that end before 5pm on weekdays, for locations near Chinatown.


Payments can be made in full or before the start of every 5 classes. We accept cheques, cash, ATM or bank transfers.

This depends on your course, class type (private, small group, or group class), and books needed for each course. The details are in the rates chart. There is no GST to add.