We have seen the growing need for a number of people who are living in Singapore, who need help in professional communication used in the workplace.

Skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing are key to a professional’s success with both the corporate ladder, and within the social circle. What better way is there but to go back to the basics with the language used in all parts of the business world?

In working with the Speak Good English Movement, we have presented to the audience a series of workshops titled The Basics of English. These workshops covered various topics from using third-person pronouns and verbs, to the formation of questions, with an emphasis on pronunciation of the most common words. We believe that pronunciation, intonation, and the stress of English play a vital role in determining a speaker’s success. We wanted to work towards helping the participants in that area.

The audience was passionate about attending these workshops, and has responded with positive feedback with learning a different part of the English language at every session, especially for using pronunciation correctly. We put in effort in making the workshops as engaging and interactive as possible, enabling the participants to voice their ideas in proper English.

Through these workshops with the Speak Good English Movement, we aim at helping Singaporeans and foreigners alike in mastering the English language in measured steps. We look forward to more work-oriented content in the upcoming workshops.

Language Works is working with various non-profit organisations in bringing about positive change through communication, towards a better society. Our goal and measured success is when our students relate to the people they work with, and the people they care about, in the most effective manner. We believe that in giving, we create an uplifting energy that we can pass along to people around us.

Published by The Straits Times on 28 May 2013