Placement Test

This placement test is a brief assessment of your proficiency level for grammar and writing. Please complete all the questions by reading the instructions carefully.


1. Complete the following sentence:
I had ________ dinner with the Queen.
A. aB. anC. blank

2. Write a question and a negative answer.
cafes / they / do / like ?


3. Complete the following sentences. Use the Present Simple.
__________ he __________ (live) in Singapore?
My best friend __________ (work) in China.

4. Complete the following sentence:
How __________ apples are there?
A. someB. anyC. many

5. Correct the following sentence:
Do you can play tennis?

6. Complete the following sentences. Use the Past Simple.
Luke __________ (have) two dogs and a cat.
I __________ (send) them an email.

7. Milk is _____________.

8. Tick (✔) the correct sentence.
My computer’s bigger than yours.My computer is more big than yours.

9. Complete the following sentence. Use the Present Continuous (-ing).
He ____________________ (study) Manufacturing and Design at University.

10. Complete the following sentence using 'going to'.
Look! It ____________________ be a lovely day!

11. Complete the following sentence. Use a suitable question word.
__________ does Peter come from?

12. Tick (✔) the correct sentence.
I went to Hong Kong last year.I have been to Hong Kong last year.

13. Choose the best answer a, b, c, or d.
I didn’t manage to persuade them. ________, I’ll keep trying.
A. ApparentlyB. AnywayC. PresumablyD. As a matter of fact

14. Complete the following sentences with the correct tenses.
Sarah Jenkins is an English teacher. She ____________________ (work) in a language school in Brighton. She ____________________ (teach) English since she ____________________ (leave) university 5 years ago. I asked her if she ____________________ (enjoy) teaching English. “Yes, I do,” she replied. “____________________ you ever ____________________ (work) abroad?”

15. Explain the words in bold using complete sentences.
Unfortunately, since her arrival, there have been a series of disasters.

It was a difficult time – she was out of work and depressed – but finally completed her first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

*Describe your learning needs and goals for the English language. You may give examples.