Do your English Language Placement Test

This Written Placement Test takes about 15 minutes to complete. Stop and submit if the questions become too difficult. Please note that there is 1 open-ended question at the end of the test.


1. What time _____ get up in the morning?
A. youB. do youC. are youD. you do

2. Mel loves snow but Tom doesn’t _____ it.
A. likesB. likeC. likingD. to like

3. Hi George! _____ a good weekend?
A. Did you haveB. Have you gotC. Had you gotD. Do you have

4. _____ to go for a pizza this evening?
A. Do you likeB. What do you wantC. How aboutD. Would you like

5. I didn’t _____ TV last night.
A. watchedB. watchingC. watchD. not watched

6. Sorry, I haven’t got _____ coffee. Is tea OK?
A. someB. anyC. manyD. a

7. Waiter:"Anything else, sir?"
Customer: "_____________"
A. That's all, thanks.B. Here you are.C. No, it isn't.D. You're welcome.

8. There aren’t _____ new houses in that street.
A. manyB. muchC. someD. a lot

9. Look! It _____ .
A. rainsB. rainingC. does rainD. is raining

10. What _____ the food like at the party last night?
A. didB. hadC. wasD. were

11. Jeff and Nancy _____ to watch a film tonight.
A. are goingB. is goingC. going

12. Have you ever _____ to Australia?
A. beenB. goC. beD. went

13. John _____ his wife in 2009.
A. has metB. metC. did he meetD. was met

14. Are you going shopping? _____ with you if you like.
A. I'll comeB. I comeC. I'm comingD. I can be coming

15. _____ anything next Friday?
A. Do youB. Do you doC. Did youD. Are you doing

16. Excuse me, I _____ if you could show me the way to the train station?
A. would likeB. wonderC. may askD. hope

17. Hurry up or we’ll _____ our train!
A. loseB. failC. catchD. miss

18. Many types of watches _____ in Switzerland.
A. are madeB. madeC. are makingD. is made

19. Susan:"I've got four sisters."
Ruth: "________ you?"
A. DoB. GotC. AreD. Have

20. What would you do if you _____ a million pounds?
A. winB. would winC. wonD. winning

21. You’re from Liverpool, _____?
A. aren't youB. isn't itC. don't youD. you are

22. If you go to London, the Tate Modern is really worth _____.
A. to seeB. seeingC. to be seenD. see

23. I _____ home yesterday when it started raining.
A. walkB. was walkingC. have walkedD. have been walking

24. People say English people tend _____ rather reserved.
A. beingB. beC. to be

25. Many new houses _____ in the town where I live.
A. buildB. have been buildingC. are being builtD. are building

26. _____ to post that card to Pete – it’s his birthday tomorrow.
A. If I were you, I'dB. You shouldC. Don't forgetD. You'd better

27. Mary went to the party _____ of her headache.
A. althoughB. in spiteC. even thoughD. despite

28. _____ I opened the window?
A. MayB. Would you mind ifC. CouldD. Do you mind

29. William _____ me to go to the theatre with him next week.
A. offeredB. invitedC. promisedD. suggested

30. Sorry, I didn’t quite _____ what you said.
A. catchB. listenC. takeD. know

31. I don’t smoke now, but I _____ smoke 20 a day!
A. am used toB. used toC. use toD. was used to

32. Paris is _____ the Eiffel Tower.
A. famous forB. impressed byC. fascinated byD. excited about

33. If I _____ earlier, I wouldn’t have been late for work.
A. leftB. was leavingC. had leftD. have left

34. Jack:"Would you like me to help you?"
Sue: "No it’s OK, but thanks _____."
A. to offerB. the offerC. you offerD. for offering

35. This time next week I _____ on the beach on holiday!
A. will go to sitB. am sittingC. will sitD. will be sitting

Describe your learning needs and goals for the English language. You may give examples.