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Student Feedback

“I learnt to present. It is very important. A good presentation will improve our sales. Spent 2 hours pure English time, without Chinese.

“I could speak English and explain work with my local colleagues and understand them well.”

“I learnt to use English more accurately, and how to speak original British English.”

Executives, China Construction Bank

“Petrisha has a nice voice, pronunciation, gives feedback on the spot when students say/write something wrong even this is the writing class. Flexible in arranging for class time base on students’ flexibility and my busy schedule. I become more cautious in my writing now. My emails are becoming more condensed and effective. There is openness in the way coaches shared the knowledge.”

Chi Doan, Friesland Campina EMEA

“Petrisha is good at correcting students in a positive way, make us realised our mistakes without making us feel embarrassed, make effort to accommodate everyone’s schedule so that everyone could attend all the lessons. Very professional. I enjoyed the constant reminder and positive learning environment to learn proper English. I am more conscious and aware of correct English sentences, and look out for it whether I am reading/writing/speaking. I would choose LW again for its effort in accommodating our schedule, and pacing us to complete the course.”

Liz Chua, MODEC Offshore Productions

“Petrisha knows the needs and weaknesses of students. Everybody got the equal chance to speak out. Like being corrected on mistakes on speaking, grammar and pronunciation. Shares a lot about experience which helps with more exposures, clarified about grammar usage. I enjoyed speaking and re-learning grammar. It has gotten me to be more aware about the correct use of grammar in my daily life. Business English has helped me to be aware of the choice of words and skills to use at work.
Language Works is different as there are more interaction with teachers (open minded and encouraging) and they do know where’s our bottleneck and help us along the way. It’s good =)


Yew Xin Ying, Malaysia 

“Petrisha was strict but get to learn more on intonation, stress, etc. I enjoyed learning the pronunciation and stresses. It has helped me in speaking and writing email. In a small group, we felt taken care of.”


Judy Low, Malaysia

“I enjoyed the opportunities to express my thought and get my grammar or pronunciation corrected. It’s good for me to be corrected by English teachers so that I can speak English correctly and properly at work instead of being influenced by my Singlish-speaking colleagues. The environment and the way the class proceed makes Language Works not likes a ordinary school class but more like a friends’ gathering. I think it’s good enough. Thanks for the wonderful class.”


Chung Ming Feng Scott, Taiwan 

“Good coach. One coach and one student, targeted. Time can be adjusted with multiple choices.”

Adam Xiong, Singapore Petroleum Company

“Petrisha and Roderick have different styles of teaching but both of them are good and experience in pointing out my weaknesses in English language. LW personalise coaching, friendly coach/trainer, customization of training programme, training sessions are flexible. I learnt about Pronunciation, use English grammar correctly, and speaking – to speak slowly and clearly. All I have to say, everything works well for me. The book is a good tool to be used as training material.”

Aloysius Chan, Zuellig Pharma Specialty Group

“I attended 30 classes over the course of a year and I have really benefited a lot from my lessons here. Firstly, I can speak with far more confidence now. Secondly, now I can (to some extent) put my ideas across more clearly.”

Pan Cheng Lui, Singapore Press Holdings

“Petrisha was more attentive to find my mistake. That was very good. If I come again I want only her as teacher.

I feel at home. Special good teachers make Language Works different.

I was so silent and afraid to talk with people. But I feel more comfortable for this subject.

I am very happy to come here. I can recommend my friends.”

Tuncay Erdem, Thome Ship Management

“Very good relationship with my 2 teachers. I enjoyed the rhythm of the classes, the possibility to change the program, to adapt it to my needs. (LW is different with) the ‘family size’, small size of the structure, not commercial. I feel more confident when I speak to my colleagues which was the main (aim) of my registration. I wanted to have more discussion instead of following perfectly the book and my teachers were able to manage it.”

Matthieu Bricout, France

“LW is more friendly with great energy. Gave me a lot off extra information and skill what I could use on business meetings and interviews.”

Levente Budai, Hungary

Petrisha was really a great teacher. She was able to focus on a specific subject (professional courses) but she was able to talk about others topics like Singaporean lifestyle, depending on my wants. So, to conclude I spent a really nice moment and I could improve my level in English as expected.

I enjoyed most to speak freely about a specific or a general subject, to be corrected when I made mistakes – the only way to progress. I learnt to do the kind of presentations I’ve never made before, be corrected helped me to improve and to feel more comfortable.

LW is very serious, flexible, and pin point mistakes, topics courses very interesting.

Christophe Montignac, France

“Her classes could fulfil my expectations: Learning new words, correcting my pronunciation and learned new or fix my grammar. Definitely I learned a lot of British expressions! Flexibility of the timing for the classes.”

Jeff Sauriat, France

“The way she carried herself in front of the class was very impressive, professional but not boring and all topics were addressed and very coherent with our job scope. She will be a very great and awesome trainer and we would love to learn and work with her more in the future.”

“It helped me to always assume positive intent to each of our customers, and to deal with different people, different kind of customers.”

“It is more interactive and I learnt to focus my energy into something positive. It’s a refreshing course and made me realize that going back to the basics of Language Works.”

Petrisha is a great example of calmness and positivity. Good job!”
Customer Service Executives, Groupon Singapore

  • "When I came to Singapore in last October, I did not have enough confidence to speak English with Singaporean colleagues because of lack of English skills. I sometimes felt Hesitation to talk with them because I did not have any opportunities to communicate with Foreigner in English in Japan. But, thanks to the lesson, recently I feel that my English skill is gradually getting better and better and do not feel so much hesitation to talk with them. For example, I often go abroad to have a meeting with my company’s colleagues. In order to communicate with them, I usually speak English. Currently, I am able to lead the meeting in English as a MC/Facilitator without any help from my Singaporean colleagues. I have good reputation about the meeting from my boss and sometimes got good chances for starting a new project as a project manager. It provides more confidence to me and also seems that good cycle to enhance my English be realized.I think that Language works provided me 2 precious tools to do business in my future. One is the English skills itself and another one is the courage to stand in front of business chances without fear.I absolutely want to take Language works lesson again if I have an opportunity to stay in Singapore again. Thank you very much and see you again in near future!! (^^)
    Kazutaka Fukumoto, Japan
  • "Petrisha is very professional and responsible. She always helped me correct my pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. She has lot of expertise. She made us speak and do role play. She is very patient and listens to students concerns genuinely.Rory's classes are interactive. He explains the subject by taking real world examples. This approach made me understand the session very easy. He has lot of expertise. He makes us get involved into the session easily. He discusses in detail about the subject. He is very patient and friendly.I enjoyed the discussions in the class. I enjoyed listening to tape and then discussing about the conversation in the tape. Everybody were given chance to speak up. During class they help me correct my pronunciation which I really liked. I used to feel relaxed after coming to the class :).I improved my pronunciation. It increased the level of my confidence. After coming to classes I am able to converse confidently during meetings in my office.I do recommend some of my friends, because conversing in perfect English increases the confidence and success in their profession."Everything is just perfect."Sridevi Akasapu, India
  • "I think Petrisha is good at managing the classes because she always keeps us active, speaking or reading. Some students can be tired and it's important that the teacher has the ability to keep the class lively and going on in a natural way, which in my opinion, has happened.Personally I prefer the speaking exercises, like for example, telling personal stories, playing roles, imagining a debate...I've only done another English course which I can compare to, and I find this one much better in terms of size of the classes and time (less time wasted and more focus on the students needs).I feel a lot more confident now when speaking, specially using tenses and grammar. It's helped me to widen my daily expressions and vocabulary, making me comfortable using some words tor expressions that I wasn't able to use before.It's interesting when, by doing a course like this, you can learn very different things from other cultures."Blanca de Juan Bayarri"Everything was good in Petrisha 🙂 She is a very good teacher, and her way to teach is easy and relaxing.I really liked the talks and the conversations that we had. I also enjoyed with the reading. I think the options that you have if you want to do a course is very interesting. The small group courses are really good.I really think we improved our speaking skills and I feel more confident now at work and in my daily life. I also review expressions that I didn't remember and that was useful.Always is possible to improve but generally the course was quite good and fruitful."Carmen Reina LopezUrban Research Lab
  • "My aim is to touch up on my English basics through everyday English for emailing to my clients and pronunciation. I was more focused on formal writing and speech. The pronunciation class organised by Petrisha was greatly appreciated and it improves my conversation with my clients and friends. Too bad I do not speak English at home so I couldn’t use it at home.I had a friend who recommended Language works as my English school. I wanted to attend classes at British Council but the review I got from my friend was not good. True enough Language Works is friendly and very flexible in their timing which to me is above than anything else because we attend classes after our work.Till today I enjoyed Language Works classes a lot. Keep up the good work!!!"<br>
    Tey Yew Tat, Huisman Far East Services
  • "Roderick is good for the pronunciation and how to improve outside of the classes. I enjoyed the talking and when I got corrected on my pronunciation. I learnt to be more confident when taking to people. Language Works' teachers come from different backgrounds.""Petrisha is very clear and listening to the class. Very nice to work with both of them. Roderick - I appreciated the way he encourages people during the pronunciation exercises which are difficult for us. I enjoyed that the teaching is interactive, making everyone to participate. The ambience is casual. Some sessions were very specific to what we do, like how to write email, modifiers... the kind of mistakes I usually made. Language Works is different as sessions are flexible in terms of content and adapted to the requests. I think it's the best way to teach, not to stick to a program regardless of what the class needs.""Everyone was good. I enjoyed learning new useful vocabulary and to practice daily conversations. I learnt to use new vocabulary  and correct grammar in my email. Teachers are very good, dynamic and fun.""Petrisha has the professionalism, expertise, and skills. Roderick has the knowledge, skills, and delivery. I enjoyed the very interactive classes.I learnt about improving pronunciation and new expressions. It was a pleasure to follow these 10 sessions. Expect to ask for more. Thanks for your patience."
    Managers from France, Teradata